Friday, August 15, 2008

You are not Prepared!

One of the things that is unique about Eve Online is its skill system. Instead of grinding NPC's for experience points, the points come in real-time no matter if you are logged on or not. I personally think it's a brilliant piece of game design. Waiting on an important skill to finish can sometimes make you feel like a kid impatiently waiting on Christmas to get here already.

So it was with this anticipation that I awaited the completion of Drones V. I had brought all the skillbooks that would be unlocked afterwards with visions of Tech II drones dancing over my head. No sooner did that sultry voice inform me that skill training was complete than I immediately launched into learning Gallente Drones I and II. I even did some shopping and picked up a brace of Hammerhead II's for my mission Raven.

So imagine my disappointment when I learnt that I had forgotten there was another pre-req to Tech II light and medium drones, Scout Drone Operation V.

Another 4+ days of training and I'll finally be able to use these darn things. I swear I could hear the Hammerheads chortling as I put them away in a corner of my hangar for now.

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