Thursday, August 28, 2008

Of Clones and Veldnaughts

Yikes! I was vaguely aware that I probably needed to check and see if my medical clone was up to date but when I finally got around to it yesterday, I found out that I had indeed outgrown my current clone by a few thousand skillpoints. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't decide to go on that EUNI rampage at the last minute even though I missed out on the Titan. I would like to think I would've remembered to check my medical clone status before I left, but I've done dumber things before. For those that aren't aware, if you happen to get podded in an outdated clone, you lose random skill levels to cover the skillpoint difference, starting with any skills you have trained to level V.

There's two schools of thought regarding medical clones. One is to only get the minimum you need as you need it. The other is to go for one that will cover you far into the future; after all, they are relatively cheap. Since I'm currently carebearing it up in highsec, I went with the second option, not seeing any downside to it at all. I found out the downside after suffering my first podding trying to run the Rancer gatecamp. Even though it is relatively cheap, any skillpoint buffer you have purchased goes to waste every time you get podded. So I went back to plan A. Methinks I need to find a happier medium.

There's a few things in the game that interest the sightseer in me and I had planned to go and visit them someday: the Eve Gate, the wreck of Steve, and Chribba's Veldnaught. So I was a little bit upset on hearing the news yesterday of it being moved to low-sec. This thread grew a life of its own until CCP came back with some good news and I just moved visiting the Veldnaught a bit higher in my to-do list.

Greetings everyone,

About those capital ships in high sec… First, I’d like to apologize for this whole debacle. The simple truth is that our policies on capitals in high sec were not all that clear internally as well as officially. In hindsight, we should have given the matter more thought and discussion before acting, a valuable lesson to learn and we’ll remember it in the future. The general idea was that no capitals should be allowed in high sec and then we had some vague un-official guidelines on ships built before changes and whatnot. Those rules were never really actually set in stone and hence the situation we face now.

This is an excellent opportunity to change all that. We have therefore decided to set the following rules for capitals in high sec:

1. Capital ships may under no circumstances be used for aggression.

2. If at war, or with war declaration pending, you may not take your capital ship out of station.

3. You may not use your capital ship’s attributes to gain any sort of advantage over other players while in high security space.

4. Breach any of the above and receive 2 weeks ban and off to low sec with your capital.

Along with those brand new actual rules, we will move Chribba’s Veldnaught back to Amarr, and will also move any other capital ship, by request, that was built in high sec before these changes were introduced. Anyone who had a viable high sec capital moved and wants it back should petition and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

With actual official rules on capitals in high sec, we should be able to make things work without further issues. We will be diligent about enforcing the new rules and anyone found in breach of them will have the offending capital ship moved out of high sec without advance notice, reversal or reimbursement. A two-week ban will also be imposed on the owner.

Thank you for your feedback, patience and understanding.

GM Grimmi Lead Game Master

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