Thursday, August 21, 2008


Connor MacLeod: How do you fight such a savage?
Ramirez: With heart, faith and steel. In the end there can be only one.

It didn't take me long to discover that multiple accounts were the norm for this MMORPG rather than the exception. Easily understandable once you find out that you only get 3 character slots per account and training needs to be paused on one character if you wish to train another one up. The ease of running multiple clients on one machine and even CCP running specials like The Power of Two just underscore this fact.

You can leverage multi-accounts in so many ways in this game. Running a hauler while a miner mines away relieves some of the tedium associated with this activity. Running multiple ships in a mission can speed it up and increase the safety factor. Not to mention you can specialize and even sell off your alts if you ever need the isk or just get tired of your side project.

I'm making the conscious decision to just stick with one account, however. Yes, that means if I want to do anything solo in this game that I'm just making it that much harder on myself. I'll stick with my main and train him up to do everything I'm interested in doing in Eve. If it takes a little longer before I can do everything I want or at the expertise I want then so be it. If it's one thing I can throw at a MMORPG, it's plenty of free time. Those two extra character slots aren't going to waste, though. I have standard trade alts on them parked in separate trade hubs generating some extra income.

Maybe if CCP ever comes out with another offer like The Power of Two, I might relent my position. But for now, I'm quite happy flying around New Eden on the one account.

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