Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Extravaganza and a Tale of Two Arbalests

I'm looking at my wallet and notice I have a healthy balance going so I thought now would be a good time to upgrade my Raven Cruise Missile Launchers to Arbalests. I look at the market and notice they go for around 4 million each; now why did I think they were more expensive than that? I do a price check on Arbalest Heavy Missile Launchers and find my answer: they are going for around 14 million each! I know I have one fitted on my Drake and a quick search of my assets turns up another one lying around in a hangar. So I take both of those and off to Jita I go. The isk I made selling those 2 Arbalests was more than enough to buy a full rack of 6 Arbalests for my Raven.

The CPU savings from going with Arbalests enabled me to fit in a 4th Tech II shield hardener. Previously, I'd been forced to warp off and even fail a mission when my sub-standard tank couldn't face up to the combined DPS in a mission. This happened in my first try at level 4 Guristas Extravaganza. So I was keen to try my new tank when GE turned up for me again yesterday from my agent.

I could definitely see the difference the 4th hardener was providing. Even in the 4th room with the Amarr Heavy Missile Batteries shooting EM on my thermal/kinetic tank; there was never any scary moments like in the past. I was even lucky enough to get my first ever faction drop, a Dread Guristas Kinetic Deflection Amplifier, from the structure in the bonus room. It was definitely a profitable, if lengthy, mission as I also took the time to salvage all the wrecks. More Guristas Extravaganza please, Mr. Agent Guy.

Now that I have my tank where I want it to be, I want to increase my DPS to where it doesn't take me as long to run these missions.

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