Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WAR and War is Over

The WAR open preview weekend is over as well as our war with the one-drake wonder. One good thing about the ingame war is that being back in Korsiki made it hard to pass up on some classes like I normally would be able to from my usual mission hub. So I decided the time was right to train up Astrometrics IV in time for a scheduled class in exploration. There was also another class in recon scanning a day earlier than the exploration class I would be able to take part in although I would only have Astrometrics trained up to III by that time. I had audited similar classes in the past but taking part in the practical would go a long way towards really understanding the process.

I dusted off my never-used Heron that I think I got from a tutorial mission arc somewhere and fitted it with a Scan Probe Launcher and bought some probes. Showing up at the recon class, I quickly learned the difference between Recon and Scan Probe Launchers so I excused myself while I bought a Recon Probe Launcher from the neighboring system. I learned the differences between the different recon Probes and even though I couldn't use Spooks yet, I was able to scan down a willing volunteer successfully on a number of occasions. I really need to get some more bonuses to cut down on scan time though as well as train up Cloaking ASAP.

Unfortunately, the exploration class was postponed in order not to conflict with a Rampage scheduled the same day. I wanted to attend the class so was willing to miss out on the Rampage and hadn't thought to check the forums until it was too late. I was wondering why there was nobody in the classroom Vent channel at the appointed time. Oh well, back to the WAR preview I guess. Imagine my disappointment upon learning the rampagers had met up with a Titan and gotten doomsdayed as a result. Man, I would've loved to have been there and seen that.

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