Friday, August 22, 2008

Eve Online is Very Unique

One of the many reasons I love this MMORPG is the depth and complexity you just don't get in other MMO's. This point was once again hammered home as I was perusing the corporation forums and came across this post by Kody Apollo entitled ISK Making with no skill training on a brand new alt:

One trick you can use to make money is to sell expensive non-market items like prostitutes. There's a certain section of the pvp community that wants to look good when they lose their ships.

So they have roleplay items into their ship that appear on the killmails.

Look at the single VIP in the cargo hold.

Prisoner in cargo.

Exotic Dancers in cargo.

Pax Amarria, Slaver and Slaver Hound in the cargo.

Some of the items are very easy to get because they are sold by NPC stations. However, some of the items like prostitutes, VIPs, Prop Comedians can only be obtained in missions.

I mentioned Prostitutes because people have buy contracts for them at 5mil each, and you can probably put a sell contract up and sell them for far more. I've seen buy contracts for them for 10-15mil one week.

The VIPs I checked this morning are going for 1mil a piece and you can get 10 in the mission.

Now the two tricks are knowing which missions load which items. The Prostitutes are the final mission item of a series of 3 courier missions that start with "Feeding The Troops". These can be done quite easily in a shuttle. You may want to make a completely new alt character for this as you'll need to fail the final mission if you want to keep the prostitute.

The VIPs can be found in worlds collide level 1. If you know what you are doing you can start a completely new character, buy a 300k ISK ship and manage to get the VIPS without doing any skill training. Again you need to fail the mission.

Now the second trick is getting the mission that has the highly valued item you want. The thing is it's relatively easy because there's heaps of level 1 agents all over the place.

Since you don't care about losing standing, you make your new alt character fly to each agent check if they give the mission you want, cancel, check again, cancel (losing a little standing this time), check again. Move to another nearby agent and repeat this process. The standing loss is relatively low for canceling a level 1 courier mission before the 4 hours delay is up so you can probably cancel about 5 times for each agent rather than 3.

For courier missions there's 16 agents you can try out in the The Forge region Okomon constellation.

Okomon Agents

That's (3 tries)*16 = 48 missions you can cycle through.

For combat missions there's 19 agents you can try out in the Lonetrek region Karnola constellation.

Karnola Agents

That's (3 tries)*19 = 57 missions you can cycle through.

Once you completely kill the standings by canceling or rejecting too many missions just reroll your alt character and start again.

You can fiddle around with the settings on the agent finder see if you can find better concentrations of agents in other constellations or

There are probably be other valued items that aren't available on market, but can be easily obtained through missions in the same way. Just need to keep your eyes open.

Seriously, how awesome is that? What other MMORPG can you say with a straight face that you sell prostitutes and prop comedians for a living?

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