Friday, October 17, 2008

Life at 40

So yesterday, I was able to log in after work and finally get the 8% I needed to ding 40. I wasn't in much of a rush and actually spent a good hour first wrestling with the mail system and repopulating my auctions. During the course of which I unlocked The Regal title for earning 1000 gold. Sweet.

The nice thing about having a blog is that it records things like actual dates automatically so I don't have to burden myself with trying to remember them. According to this post, it was exactly one month to the day that I started playing my Warrior Priest. One month to level to max isn't too bad and it wasn't like I really rushed either. There were plenty of hours spent just loafing around in Altdorf leveling up my Talisman Making, trying to coax the mail system to deliver my mail, and auctioning all the crap I kept looting off mobs.

Now all that is left is just leveling up my Renown Rank up to 80. The reasons being are the additional renown training and gear available to me. Additional renown training is always nice as the additional stats I can get will come in handy. I'm not quite sold on the renown gear, however. Even the epic and mythic sets don't really excite me. They suffer from too much quantity over quality when it comes to stats. Instead of concentrating on core stats and giving us some meaty values, they insist on giving us a potpourri (Do I really need +bonus to housekeeping?) of every stat under the sun and even some they make up out of the blue and then the values of each stat is anemic because of the fact that we get so many of them.

So I will likely just RvR and scenario for the fun and not for the gear I can get out of it. Which is fine by me but I suspect it won't be for the majority of folks out there. I really hope Mythic takes another look at their endgame renown gear and comes out with some sets I wouldn't be ashamed to be caught dead in.


  1. You should check roughly via the Tome how many hours it took, War. :)

    I'd be intrigued to know.

  2. Oh, I made sure to take a screenshot of my tome right after I dinged.

    According to that, it took around 10 days, 7 hours.

  3. Major congrats and holy crap at being 40! It blows my mind that people are already at 40. Even when I was playing ever night I didn't see how people were doing it.

    310 hours. Geez. I wonder how many hours I've played so far. But I do lots of pettering around time.

    Finally, YEAH for being able to leave a comment. *snicker*

  4. Saylah, if memory serves me right you and I were around the same level when we went on that cloak run the first day I joined the guild. I think I was level 8 at that time.