Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heading to WAR

I'm currently at a lull in my Eve training skill plan that I'm using to backfill the rest of the learning skills that I ignored while learning the more fun stuff. Afterwards, I plan on training up to fly a salvaging Hurricane to replace my faithful Catalyst. After that, it's finally on to Recon Ships and the Cheetah.

Since there will be some time before I can fly anything new, it's good that the WAR release coincided with this stretch of deadtime. Consequently, you will probably be seeing more WAR themed posts and less Eve content on this blog. The SE headstart started at 7 AM EST today and I was able to get on for a little bit before work. I rolled a Warrior Priest on the Averheim server named Warrender. I really thought I'd get used to MMO opening days after all the ones I've attended over the years, but there's something about them that still give me jitters even now.

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