Monday, October 13, 2008

The Fall of Altdorf

By now I'm sure most of you have heard that Averheim played host to a world first with Destro locking down the city to tackle the 2 public quests which, in turn, would unlock the King encounter they needed to conquer it. So what was I doing while all this was going on? Sunday was going to be a day for me to relax a bit from WAR as there were Eagles and Phillies games coming on that I was planning on watching. In fact, I got up around 6 AM EST due to my body clock that thought it was a working weekday. So I took advantage of the sparse crowd in Altdorf to empty my mailbox and re-populate my auctions. For some reason, the mail system seems a lot more responsive during the early-morning hours.

After this was done, I was able to convince my body clock that this was indeed the weekend and to let me get back into bed to get some more much-needed sleep. If I had known then what I knew now, I might've toughened it out to track the invasion from its very beginning. As it was, I didn't get back up until 9 AM EST and I set about to finish an Epic quest chain that was given to me by the Elven King which, in turn, led to more Epic quests given out by the Human and Dwarven Kings themselves. Epic quests are long quest chains which often have a blue Rare reward of your choice at the end.

During this time, I kept an eye on chat like I usually do. There really weren't any cries of alarm just yet on the shared Order channel. Even though Destro was making their opening moves, most of us on Order were so used to the map being a perpetual shade of red that it was just business as usual for us. Around 11 AM, there was finally some talk of a mass of Destro heading towards the Reikwald keep. I decided to mosey over there to check it out but I really wasn't rushing to get there. We had repelled a similar attack not too long ago and I figured we would do the same this time as well.

By the time I had gotten there, it was clear that the few Order folk that had shown up was not going to be able to hold back the tide of Destro this time. In short order, they defeated the Keep Lord and would be able to zone into the City of Altdorf itself. I respawned at the Reikland warcamp, unsure of what to do next. On Vent, there was talk of a new scenario you could queue up for so that looked like the way to join in the Altdorf defense. I queued up for the Streets of Altdorf scenario but, for some reason, this never popped for me during the invasion.

I worked my way back to the southern Altdorf gate and tried to zone back in that way. Success! I was finally in Altdorf and could take part in its defense. This elation lasted all of 5 minutes. This was the time it took to present a laggy slide show which resulted in my quick death at the hands of enemies which hadn't even finished loading on my screen yet. Followed immediately by a CTD.

After restarting, I found myself outside the city again by the southern gate. Attempting to zone back in, I was stopped by a popup which listed the number of city instances by ID and also the number of attackers and defenders on each. It then asked me which one I wanted to enter. Through trial and error, I queued up for the only instance I could, so now I was queued for 2 Altdorf scenarios according to my queue button. I stayed by the southern gate, helping the others who had also gathered there to stop the Destro respawners from running back into the city. Meanwhile, I listened on Vent as a couple of us who were still inside gave reports on the war action taking place.

After a long while, Destro managed to finally lock Order out of Altdorf. And my scenarios still hadn't popped letting me back in. I figured since I was queued anyways, I should get back to leveling after I finally died in that gate defense. I was really disappointed I couldn't do more to defend the city but at least I had made the effort. Hopefully, Mythic can fix the obvious bugs which were preventing me from doing so. Grats to Averheim Destro for being the organized war machine that was able to score this world first. Next time, I hope we Order can be more than just a speed bump for you all.

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