Monday, October 6, 2008

Silent Running

Sorry for the lack of updates but it seems the blog muse is busy elsewhere - probably playing WAR or something. On the Eve front, I have finally cleared all the learning skills suggested by the Evemon skill plan and gotten back to learning the fun skills again. I can now fly a Hurricane for an upgrade to my Catalyst salvager and am currently learning Industry V as a pre-req to Mining Barges. Once I get to Mining Barge III, I plan on finally starting up the road to learning to fly the Cheetah cov-ops frigate. Some people knock the Eve skill system but it's letting me advance my character even when I'm hip-deep in another MMORPG. So you won't hear me complaining about it anytime soon.

Eve University has been war-decced again and this time it looks like the OPFOR wants to play. Which really makes me wish I could drop in for some real PVP instead of station spinning. But I'm getting my fill of PVP action in WAR and I'm loath to slip out of my +4 implants into an empty skull right now. It looks like E-Uni is giving them hell anyways without me judging by the killboard. If this continues for another week, I might be tempted to come back and lend what aid I can.

Speaking of WAR, I'm still going full steam on the Warrior Priest. Currently at Rank 32, Renown Rank 25 and wishing more T4 scenarios would pop besides Serpent's Passage. I like the scenario just fine but I would like to see what the others are like; even just once. I think it might be a code issue that locks you into your first choice if you queue more than one. Since I, like many others, are using a mod to queue all possible scenarios at once, this will lead to only the first scenario listed popping all the time. I will refer to this phenomenom as the Tor Anroc Syndrome henceforth and Mythic acknowledges this is an issue with their announcement to shake things up a bit by moving Temple of Isha to the front of the class. I hope they come up with a more long-term solution as well as look at the scenario pairings in tier 4.


  1. Ah, a Retriever man :)
    You might want to consider going straight for Mining Barge V and Exhumers III so you can fly a Hulk. I know it's a long stretch, but I think it's worth it, a Hulk is a monster miner, you'll love it :)

  2. Oh, I definitely want to fly a Hulk someday. The Retriever is just an interim option for right now. Don't forget I also need Astrogeology V to start up Exhumers. :(