Thursday, September 11, 2008

Will the Cheese Stand Alone?

If you recall from my previous post, I had resolved to try and make my way through New Eden with just one account. But I did say that I might change my mind if they ever ran another Power of Two promotion. Well, guess what I got in my inbox last night?

No matter how big your alliance may be or how many friends you have online, there are always those times when you need that extra bit of help and no one is available. It could be hauling ore, completing a mission or simply checking a price somewhere.

Maybe you've got all your character's needs under control and you'd just like to try another path. Whether you use your existing character or start a new one, halting your existing training to learn a handful of unrelated skills may not be a desirable option.

The Power of 2 may just be the offer you've been waiting for.

Having that extra account at your disposal is sometimes indispensable. It can help turn the tides on a difficult mission or turn a taxing task into a more efficient venture. A second account also means more places you can be at once, which makes monitoring the markets easier and reduces travel time.

Trying out new and different skills
Extra firepower on missions
An extra hauler for miners
A tag along salvager

There are plenty of reasons to have a second account, and right now the biggest one is the Power of 2.

6 months for $ 49.95

Offer available until October 10th 2008, and costs $ 49.95. After the six months the subscription of your new account will automatically renew into a one month subscription plan. Note that this offer is only available for credit cards and Direct Debit.
(Offer valid only for new accounts. Existing accounts, active or expired, do not qualify for this promotion.)

The offer is indeed a tasty one and I'm not sure if I can resist it. There's only two things stopping me right now. The first is that I am fairly certain after the 6 months are up that the account will end up being orphaned; so will I have gotten enough value from it for the 6 months it was active? The other is that I am still enamored of the idea of learning all the skills I want on one character. Having two accounts, even if temporarily, will be sure to put a damper on this plan.


  1. I would add, a 2nd character purely for use of lab slots, factory slots etc DOES make sense. I reakon in 6 months you could have got a lot of stuff researched in empire with the "power of 2", and also produced a lot more than a single char could do.

    Personally I went the 2 char method... as it gives teh above + a bit more...

    I personally don't believe industry can survive without PvP - as a corp will eventually need a PvP devision to protect your PoS - which teh industry/market manipulation will require at some point - do you see yourself buying T2 components for ever ?

  2. Oh and another thing, even if its only used temporarily... its a good idea.

    I'm personally considering a 3rd account btw due to this purely due to the lab slots this will give to enable growth of my corp quicker.

  3. If I do go for this offer, an alt trained up to do R&D sounds like my best option. I was made aware of another option other than orphaning the new account. Right before the 6 months are up, I could transfer the trained alt to my main account for a fee. I could even optimize that by learning long skills on both characters before the transfer. Supposedly, it only does a check for 2 skills being trained on one account if you change or train a new skill.