Monday, September 22, 2008

Warrior Priest vs. WoW Paladin

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been swallowed up by this juggernaut called WAR and haven't had a lot of time to make any meaningful posts. In that time I've leveled up to 20 and bought my mount, participated in some RvR and taking over a keep, ran numerous scenarios, and even went sewer-hopping for some PVE instance fun. That's in addition to the standard quest and public quest fare. You really can't complain that there's nothing to do in this game. At least not at this level.

There was a recent post in the WHA forums asking if the WP was anything like the Paladin in WoW. Since I happen to have some experience with both, I thought I'd go over the similarities and differences of the classes.

The Warrior Priest has 2 main heals at this level which are similar to the Druid HoT's in WoW: Renew and Regrowth. We get a big direct heal as a level 1 Morale ability. The other heals come in the form of buffs and as triggered effects of melee strikes if we choose to use them. The Paladin has mana-efficient direct heals which must be cast while stationary. This means that the WP can be more mobile and can still melee while at the same time heal. It may not be for the enormous amount comparably that a well-geared and specced Paladin can output, but that's the price we pay for the tactical freedom. The Paladin has a mana pool which means he can sit in the back spamming Flash of Light all day long if he wanted to. The Warrior Priest has the Righteous Fury mechanic. While it starts out full, it can quickly be drained from spamming heals and it will only be replenished by meleeing unless you use Supplication which converts action points into Righteous Fury. Since meleeing is almost always a better option than Supplication, you won't be standing in the back healbotting anytime soon.

Paladins can wear plate and have an invulnerability shield. Warrior Priests have medium robe armor and no Divine Shield. But both will die just as easily if they go charging into a mess of enemies without a plan. The general slowness of WAR PVP means that the Warrior Priest has enough time to outlast most opponents 1on1 using a variety of his abilities unless he is severely outclassed or outgeared.

Well geared and specced Ret Paladins do damage that Warrior Priests can only dream about. The Paladin has the seal/judgement system which I hear is getting an overhaul in WoTLK. The Warrior Priest has the usual hotbar strikes which come in a variety of flavors which range from AOE to low damage but heals to good damage but doesn't heal. The bad news is you're not going to one-shot anybody in WAR, the good news is that the slower combat means neither is anyone else going to.

I don't know about anyone else but, as a Warrior Priest, I love having a 65 yard ranged pull. No more body pulls for this boyo. This can also serve double duty as a spammable range attack that can be cast on the move for people trying to get away from you. The gear you get as a Warrior Priest is just badass compared to the WoW Paladin. Who doesn't love a chestpiece with the words "Suffer not a heretic to live." engraved on it?

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