Friday, September 12, 2008

Shameless Plug

I'd like to thank CrazyKinux for linking my thoughts on the ZP review of Eve. When he said it was a must read, you guys sure did take him at his word. I think I had more hits on the site yesterday than I had for a combined total previously.

While I have you guys still around, I thought I'd take advantage of the broader audience and make a shameless plug for my corporation, Eve University. Back when I started this game in May of this year, I had some inkling that I probably would need to join a player-run corporation sooner or later. But since I had no idea what joining one would entail, I was just as happy making it later rather than sooner.

Then in browsing the web trying to scale the fabled learning curve, I came across this entry in Hammer's Eve:

Eve University
There is an in-game Corporation you can join called the Eve University. All reports on it are good. It's a truly helpful group of people who just want to give noobs a grounding in how to play Eve. Learn more about how to join here. Like other universities, they also do a number of silly things to amuse their members.

Well, heck, that sounded just like what I was looking for! A corp that not only welcomed noobs like me but would teach them how to play it? Bonus! After a little over 3 months in E-Uni, I have to say there is much truth in that little blurb. The amount of information available in the forums as well as corp chat and even recorded media is just staggering. People actually take the time out in a game they are paying to play in order to teach others. Free skillbooks are doled out like candy. Creative events are thought of and held all the time for our amusement. All this with virtually no strings attached aside from agreeing to follow the E-Uni rules and a nominal corp tax of 2.5%.

It's certainly not for everybody. If you are of a pirating bent or desire intense PVP training, you are more likely to get that elsewhere. But if you are a noob like me staring from the bottom of the learning curve looking upwards, Eve University is a great place to be. If you also happen to be an old hand at this game with a desire to teach others, E-Uni is sure to have a spot for you also. Check out the link for our website above or drop in on the ingame channel, Eve University.

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