Monday, January 19, 2009

From one WAR to Another

I got an email this morning from one of my favorite e-columnists, Jim Rossignol. It seems I was chosen after I put my name into consideration to be one of the seventy representatives of Rock, Paper, Shotgun in their 3-way vs. The Escapist and Boing, Boing Offworld. The arena of choice: Planetside. The details of this event can be found here.

Believe me I didn't need that much of an excuse to check out Planetside again which was responsible for hooking me into the world of MMO's. Before Planetside, I had eschewed MMO's being happy with FPS'es as my online games of choice. The opportunity to represent RPS as well as free gaming time which included the latest expansions was too good to pass up. I was really hoping we'd be fighting on the Emerald server where I have a BR20 CR5 on ice unless SOE decided to delete him. But it looks like it's the Gemini server so I get to level one up from scratch.

So I sit here with the Station updater informing me my download is at 94% and reading various horror stories about Vista and its effect on this game's performance. Hopefully, I can rediscover some of my long-unused FPS skills to give a good account in this war.

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  1. Oh very sweet. Kick ass! Make them respect your authoritaaaaa! And, of course, keep us posted.