Monday, January 5, 2009

A Clean Slate

That's what Tabula Rasa means in Latin.

Before the news broke about Tabula Rasa shutting down for good in February of this year, I really hadn't heard much about this game. What I did hear consisted mainly of advice to stay away from it and what a huge steaming pile it was. Since I like to form my own opinions, I decided to check this title out for myself before its self-destruct date. According to the official website, they had opened up free play from last month to February 28, 2009 which would be the last day for TR.

Here's the link with all the details. You will need to create a PlayNC Tabula Rasa account first. Then, you go to their support site and ask for an activation code. You can download the game client from the link or if you already have the PlayNC launcher installed you can install it that way. The request took just a few minutes for them to give me a code even though they warn that it could take up to 7 days because of the backlog of requests.

Here's an awesome site that will help you take your first few steps in this game. I've got to say that the limited time I was trying out this game made me sad that it would all be going away soon. The art direction and the world looks incredible. The unique FPS/MMORPG hybrid really works due in no small part to the work put into making a UI that would be comfortable to players coming from both genres. I understand that it's been polished quite a bit from its rough start which was responsible for scaring off the player base. If so, now's the perfect time to try it out before it's too late.

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