Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Daily Grind

Grinding: Any activity which is not enjoyable but is tolerated because you know that it's good for your character's progression. That's my definition of grinding. Note this means that grinds are highly subjective and what is one person's grind can be another's font of enjoyment. This is why I can level so many characters to max when the thought of this is enough to make most people nauseous. For some strange reason, I love the sound of the ding and look forward to using the new abilities I gain every level. There's just something about completing quests that tickles the achiever in me. When those completed quests turn into the experience bar growing towards the next level, it's a double bonus to me.

On the other hand, I took one look at Mythic's setup for the endgame gear grind and just said pass. Basically, the ward system means you need to grind the lower level wards in order to tackle the next content in line. This ultimately leads you to equipping a set of gear that will enable you to survive the encounter to take down the opposing faction's king. While, in theory, this sounds glorious. The reality is that in order to do this efficiently you need to run around to different zones capping undefended battlefield objectives and keeps and hope you can win some gold bag lotteries. Then you have to hope to win the RNG lottery in the 3-day lockout instance of your choice. No thanks.

I'd rather just RVR for the sake of RVR. I'll check out those end-game instances eventually but I'm in no hurry to do it. If I happen to have a set of gear which will enable me to survive a fortress lord or city PQ or even a Chaos king when it's time to tackle them; great. If not, I can always help out in the defense of said encounters. You don't need wards to do that.


  1. Everyone is surely entitled to their opinion but frankly the minute I have to "grind" for anything is the last day I play the game. End of story. EQ, EQ2, LOTRO the mintue I started grinding ( when I hit max level) I stopped playing. The same with WoW ( I hit max level with my pally and even hit all the dungeons but the minute i had to grind I said 'no thanks'. For me the grind is something that MUST be done for no reward..i.e. kill 15 beasts for 20S repeat till I have 1G that equals worthless.

  2. You're not the only one that feels that way. I raided in WoW happily for many years and only when it really felt like a grind did I want to try something different. But it wasn't the process which changed, just my attitude towards it. Before, I was enjoying the grind. But now that I wasn't, it was time to move on.

  3. I do agree about the one man's poison - I love crafting and never consider that a grind. I use the words "grinding" meaning I'm doing it and on my way, but I enjoy crafting like you enjoy leveling.

    I'm not happy about this on your behalf. You are the epitome of a good player, loyal fan and dedicated team member. You rolled 4 characters to max level with good humor and helped out whenever you could. To be shut out of the touted part of the end-game which should be yours by right based on your existing accomplishments in WAR, is obnoxious.

    I don't recall hearing about the Ward system when I was playing. Is it new or was I asleep at the wheel?

  4. It's not new. But it's only recently become a hot topic due to the majority of WAR players reaching endgame and having to now farm for them.

    There's no need to be unhappy about this. Believe me, if I wanted to see this part of the endgame bad enough, there's no grind that has been invented yet that would stop me from doing it. ;)