Monday, September 15, 2008

Prelude to WAR

The last collector's edition I bought for an MMO was the original release of WoW. Being the practical tightwad that I am, it chafed me to see that I got such little use out of the exclusive goodies; both in game and out. So far, I've been able to resist similar offers and haven't once regretted my decision. Which is why I'm still waiting to create my first WAR character for real unlike the ones who have shelled out the extra money for CE. It's okay. I'll use the couple of days to decide which server to play on.

Speaking of which, I think I've discovered one of the reasons why I've never been interested in following blogs before playing Eve Online. It's not like blogging is a recent phenomenon. But reading the various WAR blogs and tracking the virtual diaspora as the community breaks up into separate sharded servers, it suddenly hit me. While problems and achievements can certainly be shared universally in a sharded game, there's something about it that just causes my care-meter to shrink for no other apparent reason.

No such shrinkage with Eve Online. Every Eve blogger is talking about events that happen on the same server I play on. So while the subject matter might not always be of interest to me, at least I know it's still relevant. This could also be why the blogger-driven WAR guild, Casualties of WAR, is gaining such popularity. While at first glance this might seem a surefire recipe for well-documented disaster, this could turn out to be a way to connect these blogs with some relevancy. Only time will tell.

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