Sunday, November 23, 2008

Second 40

Yesterday, I leveled my second character to 40. Comparing the tome screenshots between Thunda and Warrender, it took me less ingame time to reach 40. Not surprising as familiarity with the game system and quests would lead to more efficient soloing. Referencing this post, it looks like it took me about 5 realtime weeks to level Thunda to 40 as opposed to only 4 weeks for Warrender. Again, not surprising either as I wasn't able to devote all my gaming time to just the one character now. Also, there were other gaming distractions vying for my attention during that time.

Next up: A Bright Wizard named Playswyth Matches.


  1. Your levelling skills are phat mad, but your puns make me groan! :-D

    (Kidding -- they actually make me laugh first, so they're working.)

  2. Hope I didn't set your recuperation back with all the groaning and guffawing. :)

  3. congratulations and you...are...crazy.