Friday, November 14, 2008

The Game is Afoot

Since my last Sherlockian post about missing T4 scenarios, I logged in yesterday to conclusive evidence supporting my theory. Guild chat was buzzing about how Howling Gorge was popping instead of Serpent's Passage. Howling Gorge? That scenario wasn't even on my list of MIA scenarios. So adding this to the list would make T4 have a total of 13 possible scenarios with maybe some more that have yet to be discovered.

This is what a normal scenario queue looks like in Averheim at any given time. This is what it looked like yesterday. So what changed on our server to disable Thunder Valley and Logrin's Forge and enable Howling Gorge? It seems Order had gotten its act together overnight enough to lock down the Thunder Mountain zone and force Black Crag into contested as seen in this screenshot.

So what was Howling Gorge like? Think Talabec Dam except in a more compressed map and multiple pathways. Order didn't seem to get the hang of the new scenario as quickly as Destro did. They couldn't quite catch on to the fact that you just needed to slow down the bomb carrier for 90 seconds. The bomb will do its job for you, kill him in a spectacular fashion and reset back to the starting position. Oh well, at least it wasn't Serpent's Passage.


  1. I must be an odd duck. I enjoy pretty much all of the Scenarios. With the exception of a couple, they are all fast paced and hectic which is what I want player versus player encounters to be like. Mix in some strategy and tactics and they all get my blood going. My favorites are the one where you capture and attempt to hold the baubles though. Those are delicious fun!

  2. Same here. I enjoy the variety most of all which is why when the sixth Serpent's Passage in a row pops up, that's when I get the itch to go do something else.

    I'm not one of the no-scenario proponents. I recognize them for what they are: a quick, easy way to jump into some PVP action for the time-constrained. I love open RvR as well, but it will have to become more popular on its own and not at the expense of scenarios. I believe a healthy server population can support both scenarios and open RvR.