Monday, March 9, 2009

Atlantica Online Screenshots

By popular Saylah demand, you can find some Atlantica Online screenshots here. Naraka is one of the solo bosses in the main questline. You can also find pics of my first ever winning Arena bet. Arena allows you to bet on NPC teams that face off against each other. Also, the Cute Bunny Suit and fishing seems to be popular in AO.


  1. Holy cow and thanks so much! Jumping over to take a look at these right now.

  2. Great pictures. The game looks a lot like something out GuildWars which I suppose is the Asian impact.

    My questions if you don't mind...
    I saw your characters standing in formation while in combat in a few pictures. Does that happen automatically? There were a couple of pictures where people seemed to be fishing. Is there crafting? This is turn based so do you have to play each character in turn or any character's action from your deck?

    What interests me most about this game is that it appears that you can have your own little squad/party/fellowship doing group content. I had a great time dealing the strategies to solo content in W101 and I'm imagining that this is as much fun in that regard but on steroids.

    I'm interested in giving this game a try but am worried that I'd steal time from ROM where I'm already leveling so slow because of all the side distractions that are fun but detract my attention far too often.

  3. Oh lord is there ever crafting in this game! I'd say fully 90% of the items in the game (and there are a LOT of items in this game) can be crafted. is a great utility which also lists the many items that can be crafted.

    You move around the world as your single character that represents your party. Similarly, monsters do as well. When you move into their space to do battle, it automatically cuts to a battle formation view.

    The interesting thing is that groups in AO are capped at 3 players. For most Shadow Dungeons, 2 players is fine and 3 is overkill. So this means it's pretty easy to get a group going since you just need one other person to tackle the content. It also means people aren't as averse to grouping with strangers as they might be in other MMO's.